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Office of the MARA Item WK1167

Category A Activity

Session Length: 3 hours
CPD Points Awarded: 3 points

The Partner Visas and Family Violence Provisions Workshop is a 3 point CPD workshop that covers all basic requirements on all present Onshore and Offshore Partner Visa Subclasses as well as Prospective Marriage, including 820/801, 309/100, 300 and Dependent Child 445 subclasses. The workshop also provides a detailed discussion and analysis of No Further Stay Conditions and Waivers and covers the Conditions 8503, 8534, 8535 and 8540.


  • Overview of Partner Visa Onshore 820/801 and Offshore 309/100 Subclasses
  • Valid Application requirements for each Partner Visa subclass
  • Sponsorship of Partners including Limitations on Sponsorship and Limitation Exceptions
  • Spouse and De Facto Relationship Criteria including Prescribed Relationship Factors:
    • Financial Aspects of the Household
    • Nature of the Household
    • Social Aspects of the Relationship
    • Nature of the Persons’ Commitment to Each Other
  • Prospective Marriage Subclass 300 Criteria
  • Applying Onshore without a Substantive Visa:
    • Schedule 3
    • Compelling Reasons
    • Section 48 Bar
  • Additional Criteria for Provisional, Permanent Partner and Prospective Marriage Visas
  • Transitioning from Provisional to Permanent Visas
  • Family Violence (including new Family Violence provisions relating to Sponsors)
  • Partner Visa Secondary Applicants
  • Dependent Child Subclass 445 Visa Criteria
  • No Further Stay Conditions 8503, 8534, 8535 and 8550 and Waivers

The Workshop is intended to provide Registered Migration Agents (RMA professionals) and Lawyers with a solid foundation for all Partner and Prospective Marriage subclasses and equip Agents and Immigration Lawyers with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the legal criteria and advise clients confidently on any Partner matters. The Workshop will also discuss No Further Stay Conditions in-depth and demonstrate the application of this criterion within the context of Partner Visas.

Workshops will consist of discussion and case study analysis. There is no assessment component but participants will be given an opportunity to attempt simulated case studies based on real-life scenarios. Feedback will be provided during the session.

Participation is limited to 30 places.

For Registered Migration Agents (RMA):

Attendees must remain in attendance for the duration of the Workshop in order to be eligible for the award of their 3 CPD points for OMARA.

For Lawyers:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): This professional development activity has been designed to meet the CPD needs of lawyers. If this session does meet your CPD needs according to the Uniform CPD (Solicitors) Rules 2015 available at you may claim 1 CPD unit for each hour of attendance (breaks not included).

This workshop falls within the Substantive Law CPD field.

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