RMA Private Consultation


Lena Hung

By popular request, Lena Hung is offering private consultations to registered migration agents for education on particular topics of interest and for advice on specific real-life case scenarios.

Benefits of these particular consultations compared to day-long CPD Workshop sessions:

  • Greater flexibility on topics to be covered, including in-depth analysis on particular issues or case scenarios of interest to a participant
  • Greater flexibility on session/consultation times, with agents able to call in and book a session at their convenience
  • Limited numbers of attendees provide a focused environment allowing in-depth and tailored discussion to particular areas of need for attendees

The consultations are centered on flexibility and adaptive learning. There will be fewer structured materials provided and sessions will be centered on discussion of specific matters and complex exploration of a wider range of topics. It is intended for more advanced RMAs with specific queries as well as agents who want a private in-depth tuition on particular topics not covered by Enriched CPD Workshops.


Agents are welcome to book consultations at $330 per hour and request tuition and consultation on specific topics of interest to be covered. These sessions are one-on-one and provide the most flexibility to discuss a topic or topics of interest.

Topics that can be covered during consultations can include, and are not limited to:

To register your interest, please contact Enriched Migration Training on (03) 8743 1245 or by email info@enrichedtraining.com.au